From aspiration to inspiration

Welcome to the British School of Madagascar

The premier establishment in Madagascar offering a high quality, contemporary education taught to the internationally acclaimed British curriculum.

Our mission; is the creation of an educational experience in which children are supported to reach their full potential. In order to achieve this, our school time is designed to take a holistic approach to our pupils’ growth. In addition to being academically rigorous, we also emphasise the importance of physical, moral and emotional development.

The British School has already welcomed students from across four continents, in addition to all of our teachers who have been sourced from the UK, ensuring that your child will be receiving a truly international experience. Due to the breadth of cultural diversity in our school, we strongly enforce an ethos of inclusion and respect: ensuring that children feel that they are fully supported by the whole school community regardless of race, gender, culture or age.

We work towards achieving these goals by providing children with:

  • The most up to date teaching methods and curricula compliant with the standard of education as mandated by the British Government: outlined in the English National Curriculum.
  • All of our teachers are employed from the UK; trained in the latest teaching standards and methodologies, and possess a Native standard of English.
  • We design and implement high quality extra-curricular programmes to help children explore other interests and to further aid their educational career.
  • We provide a safe, nurturing environment in which children are able to realise their full academic and developmental potential.
  • As outlined briefly above we adhere to the highest standard of equal opportunities for all of our students regardless of age, race, gender or cultural background ensuring that no child gets left behind.
  • We also require that all of our teachers operate an open-door policy as well as arranging parent-teacher events, enabling parents to establish good communication with their child’s educator.
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