The British School of Madagascar (BSM) follows the English National Curriculum, a standardised curriculum created by the British government. By choosing a British education for your child, you can ensure continuity in their education anywhere in the world. For further information on the English National Curriculum, please visit the official website at the UK Department of Education.

Year groups are divided into three distinctive areas

Early Years: Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception (age 2-5)
Primary : Years 1 to 6 (age 5-11)
Secondary: Years 7 to 11 (age 11-16)
Sixth Form: Years 12 to 13 (age 17-18)

British qualified staff deliver the English National Curriculum

British qualified staff deliver the English National Curriculum supported in most instances by qualified Teachers. All children are taught in mixed ability classes, with children of the same age. Children may be taught English, Maths or other core subjects in smaller groups if we consider support is needed.

Teaching and learning is enquiry based with an emphasis on problem solving and aims to build up pupils’ abilities as learners. Work takes place both individually and in groups. Class sizes are generally small which allows for greater personal attention to each pupil’s learning needs.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) is also a major element of the curriculum at BSF schools enabling pupils to learn at least one additional language.  Schools typically teach the native language of the country they reside in plus French is often included from Year 3 onwards to conform to what is offered by the finest schools in Britain. At BSM French and Malagasy is taught from the class of  Reception until Year 11.
Music, sport, drama and educational trips together with a range of other activities form an integral part of a broad curriculum that aims to help students learn essential skills, discover a range of interests and develop the confidence to pursue new challenges.
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